Chef Claudio Politano offers dishes rooted in local tradition.

A genuine cuisine, inspired by Piedmontese tradition and reinterpreted with creativity yet still true to local flavors. A cuisine where local products are the norm.

The restaurant has two dining halls. The first one can accommodate up to 120 people and it is the ideal location for banquets or receptions. The second one can accommodate up to 30 people and it’s more intimate as well as more coveted.

The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable, the ideal setting for all of your special occasions and dinners, be they with friends, family or of a romantic nature.

During the months of November and December the restaurant offers a delicious escargot menu. You can enjoy the flavor of Helix Pomata Alpina from appetizers to main courses. It is renowned variety of escargot which lives in the Maritime Alps and in particular in the valleys that merge around Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN).
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Closed on Monday night and Tuesday (whole day).